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Premium Social Media Marketing Company Toronto

Together, we can achieve greater results and visual excellence. Let us master Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube & Pinterest and develop you as a brand.

Boost your Social presence with Social Media Augmentation performed by experts!

Bedi Social Media Marketing Company is the leading Toronto Social Media Agency led by expert social marketers. With a veteran mind and latest technical skills, we are committed to help you develop a base of social followers by polishing your social presence and fine-tuning your public relations. Being social media strategist, we employ the best social media tools to establish you as a business that customers wish and prefer to connect with for their needs.
Garner views, likes & comments and convert them into profitable returns while developing social base long-term relationships.
From social media strategist to brand consultants to social media marketing experts and professional B2B and B2C social media management providers, we at Bedi Social Media Marketing Company offer you all services under oneroof.

Why Choose Our Social Media Marketing Services Toronto?

There are many social media agencies in Toronto, then why choose us? It’s simple; we bring your expertise and guaranteed results at the most affordable prices.  With us, you enjoy:

With years of experience of assisting brands grow online; we have learned the secret of successful social media strategies. We combine our skills, knowledge and learnings to make social media plans that go beyond likes and shares and earn you ROI. Professional social media experts at your service for strengthening and polishing your brand name.
Business is all about the flow of cash. While you enjoy higher cash flow at times, lack of cash can anytime make things harder. However, this should not restrict you from enjoying the best social media services. We respect your affordability and offer you reasonable services without compromising quality of services.
Our focuses on results drive us to success. We are dedicated to assist your exclusive business marketing goals and objective to strategically match them with current social media marketing tools. Social media needs differ clients to clients. While you aim enhanced brand awareness others are in search of web traffic; as an expert Social Media Marketing agency Toronto, we are focused to individual business needs.
We speak in numbers and give you quantifiable results. Twitter or Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo, our objective is to grab the attention of the viewers and influence people and their buying habits. We understand your targeted web customers and with right mix of social media tools and techniques enhance your conversion rates.
We believe in collaborating with our clients. We utilize the best of your business expertise and our social media marketing excellence to build a powerful team that conquers the social world. From picking the right platform to planning the best strategy to deriving the best results, we offer you consistent and comprehensive support right from the start.

Our Social Media Marketing Services Toronto

Social Media Management Services Toronto
Social Media Management Services Toronto

Drive instant traffic and conversion with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media platform with our Social Media Advertising services. We are a reliable and credible social media advertising agency Toronto focused on bringing you more loyalty, recognition and organic traffic. Our motive is to cater you with bespoke social media strategies that bring home increases engagement, improve visual presence, optimize spending, attract more leads and convert more customers.

Social Media Advertising Services
Social Media Advertising Services

We manage your social profile and help you leverage the power of social media advertising. Skilled social marketing experts Toronto, you can get hold of all major social media platforms and increase revenues while fostering your social presence. We design, implement and maintain best social media strategies to bring you the benefit of Social media. We are the most recommended social media management Company Toronto.


A Toronto based Digital Marketing & Social Media Agency, Bedi Social Media Company extends best social media management and marketing services including:

Social Media Audit:

There is always a best-suitable social media platform for each business. However, how will you know which one is best for a business like you? Will it be Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest or Twitter? Our Social Media Audit Services is focused on analyzing the best social media platform for your business marketing. This helps in better user engagement, more social traffic, enhanced public relations, and lucrative ROIs.

Social Media Augmentation:

An effective way to supercharge your social presence, we run strategic social Media campaigns to market your contents using the best social channels. We focus on content marketing and make smart and effective goals that cater to your business needs and satisfy your goals. Our team of social media marketers helps businesses utilize the best of content marketing by crafting the best content and promoting it on the most relevant channels.

Paid social:

If you want a successful social media marketing campaign, the key to success lies with a well-executed paid media strategy. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to LinkedIn and more, each social media platform has exponential powers to rock the social world with a paid marketing campaign. We specialize in drafting and executing paid media marketing campaigns for all platforms. We are targeted to help you grow audiences, generate leads, form email databases, shape sales funnels, and sell your products or services to prosper your business.

Influence Marketing:

When you influence the social to follow your brand you need to set right examples and use brilliant key leaders. With a perfect combination of Influence marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing you can get hold of tens and thousands of followers and conversions. A right influencer can help you reach followers with the right brand message and attract the most lucrative traffic ever.

Community Management:

Running a social campaign isn’t enough, you need to foster the community and fuel your online presence time to time to manage the community. Our social media community managers and moderators offer you all community management services, right from scratch. We develop social media content, draft content strategies, check growth time-to-time, report success or threats and maintain long-term engagement.

How a Social Media Agency Can Help Your Business?

Thanks to digitalization, consumer behavior is most dynamic than ever. We help you tap the opportunities, fight the challenges and profiteer the best out of digital. Bedi Social Media Marketing Services Company brings you:

New Customers
Maintain old clients while looking for potential customers. We help you seek out new customers and converse with them on various social media platforms.
Google Tag Manager
Enjoy the power of tag management system with custom-made tags, smart goals and triggers. Develop new tags and utilize most frequently used tags.
Traffic Generation
Use right content to woo the customers. Target keywords as per your business and customer base to enhance sharing and directing more customers to your website.
Conversion Rate Optimization
Make the best use of data and convert your visitors into long-term customers. We are the experts of analytics and heat maps.
Generating Leads
Learn more about your audience, their preferences and other interests through interaction. Foster your relationships with new & old audiences.
Enjoy a customized report about your customers and their behavior. We are Google Analytics experts, helping you exploit the potential of data.

Our Social Media Marketing Flow

Goal Identification

The first phase of the process is identifying your business goals. Not just any goals but SMART Goals that you aim to achieve over the time. From SMART we refer to Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound goals. The goals are set in accordance with your business mission and the metrics you will use to check their success.

Social Media Audit:

Once we know your goals from the business, we conduct social media audit of your accounts to identify the need and scope of improvisation. We harness various tools to make sure we make the best efforts to revive your social presence by performing SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, and Opportunity & Threat) analysis for your social presence.

Social Media Strategy:

The social media market is cluttered and cumbersome which makes it important to have a strategy to cut through the competition. Our social media strategists are equipped to make you bespoke strategies that serve your specific business needs. We maintain the right balance of social media marketing tools and platforms for the efficiency of the planning.


It is important to nourish the right media channel and discard the one that is growing obsolete. We channelize each social media marketing platform according to your social media goals. We create, revive and manage your social media accounts in a way that you have the better reach, impact and conversion rate. We take into account Paid Marketing, Influence Marketing, Content Marketing, and other social media tools for premium results.


Timely monitoring saves you from going outdated. The digital world changes every second and we make sure you change according to the need of digitalization. We keep a close eye on your social media profile and make changes that are best to keep your online presence fresh, interesting and attractive.

Exploit the power of social media now, hire the best Social Media Management Agency Toronto now.