Understanding On Page For Website Optimization

ON Page SEO Services

The most popular terms which are linked to on-page SEO are keyword density and Meta tags. In case if you are looking out for practical strategies which can be used on the website, then given below are some of the points for the reference.

Using SEO-Friendly URLs

Compared to the rest of the URL, the first three to five words of a URL are given more importance and people are quite familiar with it. It has been found out from studies that there is a positive impact of short URLs on the search results. So using URLs which are short and sweet is recommended. Even target keywords should be a part of the URL.

Start the Title with Keyword

On-page SEO factor, the title tag is considered to be the most important one. If the keyword is closer to the starting of the title then it leaves a more significant impact on the search engines. It is not compulsory to start the title with the keyword but try to settle it up somewhere near the beginning.

Add Modifiers to the Title

To ensure a high SEO rank it is vital to add modifiers to the title. To enhance your business achieving a high search engine rank is quite important.

Wrapping the Blog Post Title in H1 Tag.

Wrapping the title of the blog in an H1 tag is quite important. A number of content management systems add the H1 title to the blog post title routinely. In some instances, the themes supersede the settings and you need to have a look at the code of the site so as to make sure that the title receives the H1 status which it actually requires.

Dazzling With Multimedia

Only to some extent, the text in content can take the content ahead. Add videos, images, diagram as a part of the content as this will improve time on the site and decrease the bounce rate of the website. A number of diagram, screenshots, and images are present in the content in order to make it more attractive and appealing.

Wrapping the Subheadings in H2 Tags

The target keyword should be present at least in one subheading and make sure that it is wrapped in an H2 tag. Wrapping the subheading in an H2 tag has given effective results.

Dropping Keywords in First 100 Words

The keyword should be placed once within the first 100-150 words of the content. Even though this practice is quite common but you should make sure to add it to attain the best results.

Using Responsive Design

Google has penalized the websites which were not mobile-friendly. So you must make sure that the website is mobile-friendly so as to avoid coming into the penalty zone. You must have a responsive design as it makes the website mobile-friendly and even website enjoys a lot of search engine traffic.

Usage of Outbound Links

Using outbound links to related page makes it easier for the search engines to look out the topic of the page. The search engines also make sure that your page offers ample information. Not using outbound links is a major mistake which is quite common among the people.

Thus this complete on page anatomy should be kept in mind for best results.